Claim Check

CLAIM CHECK is a powerful research platform with a vast collection of public and proprietary records.

Our CLAIM CHECK tool provides information that is:

  • Current - with live gateways that provide real-time information
  • Complete - even includes comprehensive cell phone and utilities data
  • Usable - with customizable reports,Web analytics, mapping, and link charts
  • Thorough - pulls data from social networks, blogs, news, and more

CLAIM CHECK provides current information about people.

CLAIM CHECK’s public and proprietary records collection is powered with innovative, easy-to-use tools to help you find out about people. CLAIM CHECK helps you work more efficiently by:
  • Providing assets, businesses, affiliations, people’s whereabouts, and other critical facts
  • Making connections among individuals, incidents, activities, and locations
  • Generating comprehensive reports on your party of interest

CLAIM CHECK saves time and effort.

CLAIM CHECK cuts through irrelevant data by:
  • Providing easy-to-use reports
  • Accessing multiple databases - public, proprietary, and Web - at the same time
  • Collecting up-to-date data, based on date, age, and other restrictions you set
  • Consolidating search results and eliminating duplicate records
  • Listing the most relevant results at the top, where
    you can spot them easily

Find real-time, comprehensive data.

CLAIM CHECK offers you a vast collection of public and proprietary records with live gateways that provide
real-time information:
  • Phone data - comprehensive cell phone, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), landline, and pager coverage of all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, various territories, and Canada
    • Reverse lookup - Carrier contact information
    • Ported flags, for a previous cell phone company
    • Caller ID names
  • Consumer and credit bureau data - multiple independent sources
  • Motor vehicle registration data - live access to 44 states

Other current data in claim check

  • Utilities data - from 70+ utilities nationwide, including electric, gas, cable, satellite, water, fuel oil, and other utilities
  • DMV records - driver licenses and vehicle and watercraft registrations
  • Real property data - nationwide owner data, deeds, tax rolls, foreclosures, sales, transfers, mortgages, refinancing, and historical records; you can even search with partial addresses
  • Records of persons - addresses, professional licenses, death records, recent moves, and household records
  • Criminal and court records - state corrections department data, sexual offender lists, criminal prosecution records, bankruptcies, lawsuits, liens, and other court judgments
  • Business data - company names, DBA listings, contact information, industry directories, affiliations, assets, and secretary of state and UCC filings

Web analytics uncovers facts hidden online.

CLAIM CHECK Web searches go deep - much deeper than standard search engines - to quickly find, categorize, and organize text and images from numerous sources, including:

  • Social networks
  • Blogs and chat rooms
  • Business and corporate data, including business network sites
  • Hundreds of U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and newswires
  • Official watchlists for sex offenders, felons, terrorists, and other individuals and organizations

Web Analytics applies to person, business, and phone searches, and gives you the ability to search by screen names and email addresses. It categorizes results for quick, easy comprehension.